22 March 2012


Hye Gorgeous, hye cuter, hye bloggers, hye all . Assalammualaikum W.B.T. sorry sorry and very sorry . why ? cos i think i'm a quite annoying since primary school . why ? cos i can't be perfect . perfect as a friend . i know , i knew it . for the first time i realized that my past  isn't best enough to call me as a best friend. if u ever make me cry, u make me sad, u make me hurt, u make me sick, but actually i'm the one who made it. i put myself into that kind of situation. on that time,  i didn't even know who i am, who is my true friend, which who i'm friend . for those friend, i'm sorry . 

 mimin, sorry for hurting u, sorry for making a distance between us. sorry for ignoring u even u're in front of my eyes, sorry for the time i'm wasting by not talking to u. sorry for not replying nicely on that letter, sorry for everything even it have been several years. i'm just thinking, how sweet we are if i'm your best friend. sorry :')
  wani, sorry for troubling u. sorry for my behave. sorry for causing u being rattan by headmaster, sorry. obviously that was my fault. i'm laughing at myself cos doing such stupid thing. but then thanks for being friend with me again. 
 nisa, sorry for leaving u. sorry for not telling u where i'm going after PMR. i just don't want u to feel sad but i got wrong. u're totally sad after knowing me move to new school . sorry for that, n trust me, i'm ur trusted friend cos i still keep ur secret nicely. n thanks cos always be my strength . 
  alin, sorry for throwing u away. i'm confused on that time. i'm just did what they did. we are cruel cos not giving u a chance to change .  u are having such hard time n none of us be your side . i'm sorry for being that selfish. u take care of me when 'm sick, lend me ur shoulder when i'm crying, get my telekung off when i'm headache, all those thing are really meant to me. thanks . n hope our friendship long lasting. n last, i miss ur hug .

sorry for being too childish minded . n now i'm letting others hurt me. let it be . btw thanks for being my friend all this while . i LOVE U all. please sincerely forgive me . 

p/s:  sorry for any mistake on words or vocabs . i'm practicing my MUET  :) 


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